Registration Fee 100.00


2020 Summer Music Fest Volleyball Tournament

August 15, 9:00 am


​4 on 4 Grass VB Competitive

​Participation Fee:  100.00 per team

AUGUST 10, 2019

Each team must consist of
4 players 2 women 2 men
Guaranteed 4 Games
Cash Prize for 1st Place
Must Register with Team Name 


Contact: Patti McMeans 989-397-0399


1) All games must start with 4 players on each team. 2 Men 2 Women  

2) Each  team is allowed one 45 second time out per game.  

3) Before games, both teams will warm up at the same time.  

4) A five minute forfeit will be enforced.  

5) The team captains are expected to represent his/her team in the case of appeals.  

6) A coin flip will determine who will receive the first serve.  

7) It will be illegal for a player to attack the served ball.  

8) Dead ball: A ball will be considered dead when: the ball touches the antenna or the post.  The ball does not cross the net completely between antennas: The ball strikes the ground: A player commits a fault. 

9) There will be three hits allowed per side.  

10) Pool play format into bracket play with single elimination 


All games played on GRASS.
High School Rules will apply.  The honesty will prevent many appeals.  Any questions should be directed to the director before the match begins.  Line judges will be on a volunteer basis.  Please make a copy of this form for your records and arrive with this form.
 Mail to: 3474 S. Reese Rd Frankenmuth, MI 48734
Fax Registration to 989-652-4633 or email: 

​Release of Liability/Team Roster— I hereby release Frankenmuth Summer Music Fest and all persons associated with the Frankenmuth Summer Music Fest Volleyball Tournament from all responsibility in the event  that I am injured as a result of participating in this tournament.  I take full responsibility for my actions during this event and understand that there is a risk of physical injury and agree to assume the full risk of any injuries or loss which I sustain as a result of my participation. 

Entry forms must be received by August 10, 2019.  Mail forms to Summer Music Fest 3474 S. Reese Rd, Frankenmuth, MI 48734.  OR Register online at
Make checks payable to the Summer Music Fest 4 on 4 Volleyball.  No late entries will be accepted without the permission of the tournament director.  Teams may consist of 4 women….2 women and 2 men (with 2 women on the grass at all times)…..3 women and 1 man.
4 T-shirts will be given to each team FREE.  Extra T-shirts will be a cost of 15.00.  There will be NO REFUNDS once your entry form is submitted.  Players may be listed on one team roster only.  Please contact Patti McMeans with any questions 989.397.0399

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