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Frankenmuth Summer Music Fest

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 The folks at Frankenmuth’s Festival consider it their “sociable” responsibility to set aside days in the month of August and September strictly dedicated for your enjoyment.  You might say that we consider your fun serious business. Take the time from your busy schedule and “get-away” to ours.  The festivals are always busy and buzzing with the anticipated arrival of the Nation’s Top Polka Bands.  Were located under a massive indoor-outdoor party pavilion.  Indulge yourself with a full-menu buffet or a wide selection on the lighter side.  Chase it down with your favorite cocktails, brews or soft drinks.  In addition to the good food and ample refreshments, make sure to bring a hearty appetite for continuous fun and great music. Our summer lineup includes 100 hours of musical entertainment.  Find the perfect fit for your busy schedule and squeeze in a day or two at Heritage Park in Frankenmuth – Just for the fun of it. 


We have generate excitement for many years

  RAM Productions presents the Summer Music Fest, August 13-15th and August 20th-22nd.  6 days of non-stop music events featuring 14 of the nation’s top polka bands & the Fabulous Hubcaps.  We're proud to bring you the 33rd annual Summer Music Fest. We hope you will enjoy the entertainment, dancing, food, and family atmosphere we offer. The Summer Music Fest takes place in Heritage Park along the banks of the Cass River just over the covered bridge from downtown Frankenmuth, Mi. 68 x 84 square feet of wooden dance floor, over 1,300 chairs and tables, a large variety of food and drinks all under a large pavilion to keep everyone in the shade or out of the rain.  Parking is adjacent to the festival.  Restroom facilities take care of personal needs very comfortably.

The Summer Music Fest is hosted by Mark Janson who continues to put together the right factors to attract people from across the nation and around the world.  He believes music is a common denominator in all people and the Summer Music Fest features music to get your friends together for a good time.  So come,listen and dance to your favorite style of music, whether it's polka,waltz,or rock'n'roll, because the 2020 Summer Music Fest has the right combination for a good-time! 

Frankenmuth Oktoberfest

RAM Productions presents the Frankenmuth Oktoberfest

 September 17-20, 2020
The History of the Frankenmuth Oktoberfest
In 1990, members of the Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce held a meeting to develop ways of increasing tourism in the autumn months of the year.  With the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany, a suggestion was made to hold an authentic German Oktoberfest and dedicate the event to the reunification of Germany.  The event was completely organized and run within 90 days of the initial planning stage.

The inaugural Frankenmuth Oktoberfest was held in October 1990 in a small tent behind the Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau in downtown Frankenmuth.  A few years later, the event moved to the gravel lot of the former G. Heileman Brewing Company as more tent space was needed.  It then relocated to Frankenmuth's Heritage Park in 2000 as the Heileman property was developed to house Frankenmuth River Place.  In 2005, the Oktoberfest celebrated its first event housed in the new Harvey Kern Community Pavilion, a Munich-patterned festhall.

Lord Mayor Christian Ude and the German Parliament from Munich gave an official proclamation in 1996.  Frankenmuth's Oktoberfest was declared the first Oktoberfest to operate with the blessing of the original Oktoberfest in Munich.  With this proclamation, the event was moved into September to coincide with the opening of the Munich event.  Also, for the first time in their history, the world-famous Hofbräuhaus brewery of Munich exported their beer to the United States.  The Hofbräuhaus became the official beer sponsor of the Frankenmuth Oktoberfest in 1997.

With Frankenmuth’s unique German heritage and culture, the Frankenmuth Oktoberfest strives to preserve the sights and sounds of the Munich Oktoberfest.  The event features authentic entertainment, dancing, Oktoberfest souvenirs, various food selections, and authentic Hofbräuhaus Oktoberfest beer.