2015 Summer Music Fest

  • The festival actually started in 1977 when co-host’s Marv Herzog and Harold Mitas began the Summer Polka Fest, that partnership lasted for nine years. In 1986 Harold Mitas bought Marv Herzog out and ran the Summer Polka Fest one remaining year in Frankenmuth and then moved the festival to the Saginaw Civic Center. In 1987 Mark Janson and Tim Elbers partnered and ran the Franken-muth Festival of Polkas. In 1988 Mark Janson and Marv Herzog formed the parent corporation RAM Productions, Inc. and thus began the Summer Music Fest. Mark Janson purchased Marv and Teresa Herzog’s shares in RAM Pro-ductions in 2002 soon after Marv was diagnosed with cancer. Marv died December 12, 2002. The Summer Music Fest could not happen each year with-out the financial or in-kind help from its many sponsors, all those who volunteer, and of course all those who at-tend. It is our intent to continue the Summer Music Fest for many years to come. Meals, Sandwiches, Snacks & More! Thanks For Attending See You Next Year! Thank you everyone for the past 28 years, Mark, Val, Tyler and Zachary Janson.

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Our Bands





Pan Franek


Polka Family


Box On


Lenny Gomulka


The Knewz


The Boys


Polka Country Musicians


Band Line Up

  • First Weekend 
    Polka Family August 13th & 14th

    Pan Franek August 13th
    Box On (Vinecki Family)August 13th
    Stephanie August 13th
    The Boys August 14th & 15th
    Lenny Gomulka August 14th & 15th
    Polka Country August 14th & 15th
    The Knewz August 15th
    Second Weekend 
    Squeezebox Featuring
    Ted Lange & Mollie B 
    August 20th, 21st & 22nd
    Fabulous Hubcaps August 21st & 22nd




The Fabulous Hubcaps

  • As we look ahead, we hope to see you on the dance floor soon doing the “Hand Jive”, “The Stroll”, “The Twist”, and “The Locomotion”. It’s time to Jitterbug the night away! In that regard, The Fabulous Hubcaps are planning to appear at the Summer Music Fest, August 20th and 21st. To our Michigan Fans, yes, The Hubcaps will be back again for our 29th straight season, performing at the Heritage Park in Frankenmuth.

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